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Dr. Titus Chiu

Hi there and welcome to BrainSAVE! My name is Dr. Titus Chiu, and I'm a #1 Bestselling Author, Award-Winning International Speaker, and a leader in the emerging field of Functional Neurology. I'm on a mission to transform healthcare for the 1.1 BILLION people around the world struggling with brain and mental disorders. 

But before I became a doctor and was able to serve others, I struggled with many vague health issues myself: fatigue, depression, brain fog and was constantly getting sick. The breaking point came after I was in a horrible car accident that nearly cost me my life. Although I survived, I was left in chronic pain, suffered a concussion, and unable to do all the things that I loved. I tried everything– conventional medicine, physical therapy, painkillers but nothing worked.

It wasn't until I discovered Neurology, Functional Medicine and Nutrition – and addressed the root cause of all my symptoms– that I finally began to heal. And one of the darkest times in my life turned out to be a blessing in disguise and led me to my calling.

Functional Neurology

I'm the co-founder and clinical director of KOBA family wellness, a Functional Medicine center located in Berkeley, California that specializes in helping people with post-concussion syndrome and other neurological conditions get well and stay well through personalized brain healing programs, online masterclasses, and immersive brain camps.

Award-Winning International Speaker

I have a deep passion for teaching and had the honor to present at the 2017 Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference on the Brain. I was also a featured speaker on Dr. Mark Hyman’s groundbreaking documentaries Broken Brain 1 and 2, and appeared as a guest on the Broken Brain podcast.

Bestselling Author

I'm also the #1 bestselling author of BrainSAVE! The 6-week Plan to Heal Your Brain from Concussions, Brain Injuries & Trauma.

My team and I look forward to welcoming you to our center!



  • #1 Bestselling Author
  • Award-Winning International Speaker

  • Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology

  • Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board

  • Doctor of Chiropractic– Summa cum laude

  • Master’s Degree– Nutrition

  • Advanced Clinical Training: Institute for Functional Medicine’s Reversing Cognitive Decline

  • Certified Practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol for Reversing Cognitive Decline

  • Graduate of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s AFMCP Program

  • Fellow of the International Academy for Medical Acupuncture

The BrainSAVE! Care Team

Dr. Natasha Fallahi

Creative Chiropractor and Energy Medicine Specialist

Hi! My name is Dr. Natasha and I help sensitive people suffering from chronic illness find their gifts so they can feel at home in this world. My approach is especially effective for people struggling with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, vague pain, brain fog, food/chemical sensitivities and autoimmunity.

After transforming my own health with mindbody medicine, I dedicated my life to helping others achieve their highest potential – physical, emotional and energetic. My holistic approach includes interactive and DIY therapies such as: bioenergetic bodywork, mindbody medicine and natural remedies.

I am the founder of The KANARI Life: Celebrating the Gift of Sensitivity and co-founder of KOBA Family Wellness in Berkeley, CA. 



Zoe Kritikos & Mr. Pickles

Medical Scribe & BrainSAVE! Specialist
Hello! My name is Zoe Kritikos and I recently became a part of the KOBA Care Team as a medical scribe and BrainSAVE! Specialist— I sit-in on appointments and take really thorough notes and run therapies so we make sure you are getting the most out of your time here at KOBA!
In addition to my love for travel, food, and my pup Mr. Pickles, I am an East Bay native and am extremely grateful for this unique opportunity to give back to the health & wellbeing of the Bay Area community and beyond.

In pursuit of expanding my breadth of care to this wonderful community of ours, I will be attending Physician Assistant School out near Boston this winter. Although my time here at KOBA may be short, I am extremely excited for the chance to work with you and the rest of the KOBA Family Wellness community, hopefully helping to get you one step closer to meeting your ultimate health goals! Looking forward to meeting you!

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