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Busting Apart Scary Brain Myths


  • Busting apart the #1 myth about your brain
  • Why there is hope for healing
  • 3 scientific brain-healing breakthroughs 




[The following is the full transcript of this video blog. Please note that this video, like all of Dr. Chiu's blog videos, features Dr. Chiu speaking extemporaneously– he is unscripted for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!]


Hey, my friends. Welcome back to another episode of BrainSAVE! TV.

Are you experiencing brain symptoms after a concussion or perhaps you're struggling with some chronic brain health challenge that you've experienced the majority of your life, like anxiety, insomnia, or chronic migraines. And your symptoms seem to be getting worse no matter what you've tried?

Are you feeling worried, anxious, or even scared about it?

My name is Dr. Titus Chiu number one, bestselling author and functional neurologist that specializes in natural brain health solutions. And I'm here to tell you that no matter how long you've been struggling for there is hope for healing.

In this video, I'm going to bust apart the biggest myth about your brain and its ability to heal.

By the end of this video, you'll have a much deeper understanding of why there is hope for healing, no matter what you've been through or how long you've been struggling with your brain symptoms, let's get started.

I've been seeing patients in my office for over 15 years now. The number one question I get is "Can my brain even heal itself?".

And I see patients from all across the board patients who've developed symptoms after their concussion, like brain fog and brain fatigue and light and sound sensitivity. I've also seen patients who struggle with have struggled with anxiety for the majority of their life. and it's getting worse or patients with chronic insomnia, no matter what they try to do, they just can't get a good night's sleep.

And so they're worried, anxious and sometimes downright terrified and rightfully so because they were taught that their brains are 100% under the influence of genetics and their brains were unchangeable. And so if they suffered from a trauma or a concussion, that there was nothing they can do about it, or if they had anxiety their entire life, it was just part of their personality.

And they had to just chalk it up as to who they were and learn coping mechanisms.

And if they had brain damage from a concussion or trauma, that it was irreversible.

In fact, many doctors still hold these false assumptions that the brain is unchangeable. And if there is injury or trauma, or if there are chronic brain health symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, or chronic migraines, there's nothing we can do about it.

Contrary to this popular belief, your brain is not fixed. And if there is injury or trauma, or if you experience anxiety even for your entire life, there is so much you can do about it.

Your brain can and does heal.

Your brain has the remarkable ability to regenerate and renew itself. It can create new connections in what we call synaptogenesis. It can strengthen existing ones in what we call synaptic plasticity. You can even grow new brain cells in this miracle known as neurogenesis.

Why does this matter? Because those scientific breakthroughs and discoveries are the reason why there is hope for healing.

So why aren't more doctors aware of this? Well, in fact, they are. It's just the majority of doctors don't know how to take these scientific breakthroughs and apply them to the different treatments they offer you when you go to their offices, looking for answers to your brain health challenges.

But the great news is there are safe, natural things you can do at home that you can do to turn your brain health around. Once you understand the reasons why you're not recovering. But again, the problem is that there is a lag between. Cutting edge breakthroughs in research and the different treatments that are available at your doctor's office.

Typically the lag is between 20 to 30 years, but I'm here to share with you this information today and give you these cutting edge tools not 20 or 30 years from now when your brain's already degenerated and you're not able to function in your life anymore.

I'm here to share this information with you, this cutting edge, innovative information with you today so you can become empowered to take control of your brain health now.

So you don't have to wait weeks, months, or even years to heal your brain and get your life back.

Over the next few weeks. I'm going to share with you the secrets of brain healing that I learned after over 20 years, healing my brain. And over 15 years, working with patients and private clients.

You're gonna be learning the top three reasons why you're not recovering from your concussion. The top five things I did to heal my brain and the number one most important brain tests that your doctor doesn't know about and much, much more.

So if you've been struggling with a concussion or. Brain health challenges like anxiety, insomnia ADHD, chronic migraines, then you won't want to miss this upcoming video series.


The next video I'll be sharing with you is the top three reasons why you're not recovering from your concussion. And even if you've never had a concussion, do check it out because the principles that I'll be teaching you in that video can apply to the majority of brain health challenges, especially things like anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, and much, much more.


If you enjoy this video and you're looking forward to the other videos to come in this video series, click on that like button, subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I'm constantly uploading you information as well as revealing the secrets to neuroplasticity and brain healing.

So you can take control of your brain health once. And for all, my name is Dr. Titus Chiu it's been a pleasure. We will see you soon. Bye for now.


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