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How Your Senses Can Help Heal Your Brain


Many patients who come to my office have  been to countless doctors and they’ve often been struggling with chronic neurological symptoms for many months and even years. One of the most frustrating things for them is that they don't really know why they're struggling. 

Even the doctors they've previously been to end up saying, “it must be all in your head.” 

Well, guess what? You are not crazy. And it actually is in your head. 

But what I mean by that is this: It's in the different structures of your brain.

One of the revolutionary ways I help my patients after I've identified the root cause of their symptoms is that I use their senses to activate their nervous system. 

The beautiful thing is every single one of your senses- 

✔️and a really cool sense called Proprioception (movement)

These senses actually travel along very specific nerve pathways. 

As an example, if go watch me speak on the video I posted below, you're hearing my words, right?

Those sound waves are going into your ear and they're vibrating your tympanic membrane.

They’re then jiggling these little bones in there, which then triggers an electrical response in the nerve. 

This then travels to your temporal nerve and we can use this therapeutically.

As an example, I use this method to help patients struggling with seizure disorders or those who report feeling “spacey” often or have issues with anger and irritability. I will perform a neurological evaluation and many times I will find a weakness or instability in their temporal lobe. 

I can then use the sense of sound to help them by playing special tones and music to literally target the temporal lobe and create neuroplasticity and healing. 

Sensorigenomics is this term that I coined based on the idea of neuroepigenetics, meaning that the experiences that we have, literally turn on or turn off genes leading to health or disease. 

Close your eyes and think of all of the senses you are bathed in every single day… say you’re taking a mid-day stroll… you feel the sunlight no your face… you hear the crunching of pebbles beneath your face… you smell the spring flowers blooming… you see the beautiful light streaming in through the tree branches.

All those senses literally activate specific regions of our nervous system. Based on that idea, we can use the senses therapeutically. All the treatment modalities that I've curated over the years have the unique ability to specifically activate key neural networks within our nervous system that can trigger neuroplasticity and activate your brain's ability to naturally heal itself.

Now I'd like to show you some behind the scenes footage of actual treatments I use yo help my patients. Check out this video and let me know in the comments if you've had any of these done where you live? 

To Your Total Health, 

Dr. Titus Chiu


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