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The Importance of Downtime for Your Brain


When creating my video talking and talking about downtime, I was actually hanging out on our balcony in the south of France. The trip has been such a miracle, a blessing, and so so much fun. It’s truly been an adventure for sure. 

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One curious thing that I had intentionally done was to schedule a vacation in the middle of the trip. Everything that we've done so far has been really awesome and fun but it’s also been completely non-stop. From driving, to swimming, to walking all over France, we barely had a chance to rest and take it all in, because we were just so excited to be here. 

So we built in a little three-day cushion in the middle of our vacation that has really allowed us to recharge. 

Schedule in downtime 

I know it sounds funny to take a break or a vacation within your vacation, but it’s actually a really important concept. Because it's the same concept you should apply throughout your life– especially if you're constantly doing something that requires a lot of physical, mental, or emotional energy. It’s crucial that you take time for yourself or with a loved one to slow down and sink into the experience so you can avoid burnout and truly integrate your experiences. 

Whether it's a vacation, conference, or your day-to-day work/home life. You must give yourself downtime. It is a crucial and important step in brain health. 

Make sure that you take some time for yourself and with a loved one to really slow down, sink into your experiences, and deepen your quality of life. 

To Your Total Health, 

Dr. Titus Chiu


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