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Why Isn't Your Brain Working In the First Place?


After years as a Functional Neurologist that specializes in post-concussion syndrome, I've had the privilege of treating thousands of patients. Typically when they come to my office, they have been struggling with one or more chronic neurological conditions for many months or even many years. They struggle with things like:


✔️Brain Fog

✔️Mental Fatigue


✔️Other Brain Health Issues

My patients have tried many different things. They've been to other doctors, other specialists, and still, they're struggling. 

So when they come to my office, I want to make sure that I perform a big-picture assessment of what's going on, not just with their symptoms, but taking a deeper look underneath.

I want to understand what's actually the root cause of their symptoms. 

The Importance of Good Brain Health

The key to living an extraordinary life is dependant on our brain health. If your brain isn't working, if your brain is broken, there's no way you can live a full life.

Neurologists are very good at understanding what's going on when people are struggling with brain health issues. They may even figure out where the problem is in the nervous system. 

However many neurologists are limited in how they can actually help. They turn to drugs and surgery as treatment options. Of course, drugs and surgery may be necessary in emergency situations but many times they do not touch nor address the root cause for many chronic neurological conditions. Thus, they will never solve the true issue. 

How is Root Cause Different from Conventional Medical Neurology?

The main difference between conventional medical neurology and root cause neurology is that we use different technologies to get to the core problem of what's actually underneath a person's symptoms.

What is Root Cause Neurology?

Root cause neurology is a comprehensive neurological treatment approach that gets to the root cause for some of the most common chronic neurological conditions, such as post-concussion syndrome, brain fog, and mental fatigue. 

Root cause neurology is firmly rooted in the revolutionary scientific concepts of systems biology, neuroepigenetics and experience-dependent neuroplasticity. 

Simply put, root cause neurology teaches us that we have the power to take control of our brain health so we can live an extraordinary life.

I'd love to show you how root cause neurology is revolutionizing brain health and the healthcare field. Check out my video and let me know in the comments- had you heard of root cause neurology before? 

To Your Total Health, 

Dr. Titus Chiu


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