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Why You Need to Give a Poop About Your Poop: The Gut-Brain Axis

In this article, you will learn about the intimate relationship between your gut and your brain and how an unhealthy gut can lead to stress, anxiety and burnout.



Living a full life is totally dependent on clear communication. Whether in the context of an intimate relationship, a family, a country or the world without proper communication chaos and disorder would reign supreme. Likewise, when the cells of your brain and body don't communicate clearly with one another there will be a breakdown in your health and dampening of your life force energy. In order to reach your total potential and have the full experience of wholeness, vitality and spirit all systems of your being need to be balanced and in communication.


One incredibly important conversation is the one happening between your digestive system and your brain – the gut-brain axis. You've all experienced this before in the form of hunger pangs from your stomach telling your brain that it's time to eat. In addition to times of hunger, this gut-brain chatter is constantly happening whether you're aware of it or not...



Your digestive system contains millions and millions of nerve cells – 5 times as many neurons as your spinal cord! For this reason it's commonly referred to as your second brain. There are multiple channels of communication between your gut and your first brain – the vagus nerve, chemical messengers in your blood, and electrical signals zipping up and down your nervous system – bringing your brain up to speed as to what's going on in your gut. Because of this communication, if your gut is unhealthy there's a huge chance that the imbalance will spill over into your brain leading to stress, anxiety and burnout... 



Sarah sought me out because she was stressed and having difficulty concentrating, mental fogginess and anxiety. This had been going on for years and no matter what she tried she just wasn't feeling any better. In addition to her brain symptoms she was also suffering from belly pain, bloating after every meal, and random bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Sarah's friend had benefited from my care and encouraged her to schedule an online consultation with me. After an in-depth history, advanced neurological assessment and Functional Medicine lab testing we uncovered the root of her issue and found that she had leaky gut, dysbiosis, food sensitivities and a functional brain imbalance. I put together a personalized Healthy Brain Recovery Program for her that consisted of specific dietary guidelines, targeted supplements, lifestyle recommendations and brain training exercises. Within a few weeks, she had more energy, better focus and concentration, better digestion and felt much calmer overall. By healing her gut, we were able to have tremendous impact on her overall brain health and she was much better equipped to handle all the stresses that popped up in her life.


Everyone is unique in what they need to do to heal and strengthen their brains, but one of the most overlooked obstacles to optimal health and vitality is an unhappy gut. By addressing this root cause you will avoid stress, anxiety and burnout – and have a much fuller experience of life.


To Your Total Health,


Dr. Titus Chiu



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